Body camera released: Man killed by Stow police tried to attack officer

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STOW, Ohio-- Police released body camera video that shows the moments before and after a Stow police officer shot and killed 30-year-old William Porubsky outside of an Akron homeless shelter.

The video is from Officer Robert Molody's body and dash camera. It shows Porubsky attempting to attack the officer. The officer first tried to use a taser on Porubsky and then, seconds later, he shot him twice.

Officer Molody is a veteran officer and formerly worked in Alliance, where he was honored as an officer of the year for the way he and his partner handled a shooting incident. The two were shot at by a suspect.

His Stow personnel file is also filled with several letters congratulating him for doing good work on various assignments. His evaluations were all good.

The shooting in Stow happened close to 11:30 p.m. Sunday shortly after Stow police were called to Meadowbrook Boulevard after receiving complaints about a man knocking on doors asking for cigarettes.

Officers found that man and transported him to the Haven of Rest Ministries in Akron.

Porubsky thanked the officer for giving him a ride and voluntarily got in the car. During the drive, Porubsky talked to the officer and seemed OK. Shortly after pulling in the parking lot, Porubsky refused to the get out of the cruiser.

He kept arguing with the officer so the officer radioed Akron police for help, but before anyone arrived shots had been fired.

The radio traffic shows Molody told radio at 23:26:53 that shots were fired . At 23:27:42, he told radio he needed an ambulance.

The officer also said he was a little hurt and couldn't see because he lost his glasses.

Porubsky died and the officer, who was injured, was taken to the hospital. The officer is expected to be OK.

The officer is on a paid administrative leave. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating the shooting.