I TEAM: local boxer who fought Tyson speaks out about killing man

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CLEVELAND - A former boxer in Cleveland who once fought Mike Tyson is speaking out exclusively to the FOX 8 I TEAM about shooting and killing a man in self-defense. And he showed us that someone just broke into his home and even stole some of his boxing memorabilia.

Abdul Rahman now has to fight for his freedom. He faces weapons charges for a recent shooting that killed Andrew Easley.

Rahman says Easley and others harassed him on an RTA bus and then came after him when he got off the bus. Rahman said, "I had a gun. I pulled it out to show them. Don't bother me.” He added Easley put his hand under his shirt as if pulling a weapon, "This is a stick up-- like this. I said ahhhhh. Then ’pow ‘. The bullet hit him right in the chest."

Investigators say security video backed up that story.

And now, Rahman says he also became a victim of crime while he was in jail under investigation. Someone broke into his home and even stole keepsakes from his boxing career.

Rahman fought Mike Tyson in 1985. He was known as Rick Spain then, ‘The Ram.’ Rahman remembers every punch from that Tyson fight. He lost quickly, and he remembers Tyson as strong and fast.

Now he keeps replaying the deadly shooting.

The ex-wife of Andrew Easley is angry Rahman isn’t charged with murder. However, Cuyahoga County Prosecutors took the case to a grand jury. Rahman faces weapons charges since he already is a felon and shouldn’t have had a gun.

He said, "He lost his life. I'm sorry. Mr. Easley, he died. It could have been me."

Meantime, on the boards over a window broken during the burglary of Rahman’s home, someone scribbled threats. So, as the court case moves forward, Rahman and his family now wonder what might be next.

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