Police: Man who became ‘aggressive’ was shot to death by officer on way to homeless shelter

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AKRON, Ohio — Authorities are investigating after a man reportedly became aggressive as he was being taken to a homeless shelter by police.

According to a release from Stow police, at just before 11 p.m. Sunday, Stow police responded to the Meadowbrook Boulevard area for reports of a man who approached a home, beat on the door and, when the occupants answered, asked for cigarettes.

He then reportedly fled the area.

The man was found, and it was determined that he’d be taken to Haven of Rest in Akron. The Stow officer who was transporting him requested back-up from the Akron Police Department as the suspect had become aggressive.

Before Akron police arrived, the officer reported that shots had been fired and that the suspect was hurt. The officer was also injured.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, died at the hospital.

The officer was treated for his injuries and was released. The type and extent of his injuries have not yet been released.

The incident will be investigated by Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.