Lodi attempted abduction was actually man delivering newspapers

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LODI, Ohio– The Lodi Police Department investigated a report of an attempted abduction and determined it was a man delivering newspapers.

The incident happened on Wednesday at South Market and Wooster streets.

The 11-year-old victim told police she was walking to her bus stop when a man stopped in the middle of the street. She said the man got out of his car and opened his trunk. The girl ran to a friend’s house and called police.

On Thursday, Lodi police identified and interviewed the man. They said he was cooperative and allowed officers to inspect his car.

“The man is employed as a newspaper delivery person and was in the process of delivering a paper to the door of a resident on Wooster Street, when he exited his car, which he parked on the street, and walked toward the residence. As he approached the curb, he observed the little girl running down the street. He called out to her to let her know he was delivering newspapers, however, she disappeared from his view,” the police department said.

Statements from the 11-year-old and the delivery person were consistent with a few exceptions, according to Lodi police.

Officers said they agree with how the girl handled the situation.