Fairview Park police warn of bold daytime break-ins

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FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio-- Police warned of bold daytime home break-ins in west side suburbs, and in some cases the crooks have returned to steal the victims’ vehicles.

The McNeeley Family remained on edge after burglars broke into their home on Concord Drive in Fairview Park on August 24. Sean McNeeley said they snuck in through the back door then stole electronics including televisions and laptops with family photos.

“Disbelief, anger,” said Sean McNeeley. “They destroyed our house, rifled through everything, our bedroom is still a disaster and every room has stuff thrown all over it, and in the process they took our second set of [car] keys.”

Police said the crooks returned Thursday, stealing a Chevy Malibu parked in the driveway while the family was in the home.

“I went out the back and my car was gone,” McNeeley said. “We got hit once and they come back and hit us almost double again.”

OnStar disabled the car and police used its GPS tracking to find it on Train Avenue in Cleveland, with some dents and damage.

Fairview Park police said break-ins at a home on Lookout Circle on Wednesday and on West Park Drive Tuesday appear to be connected.

“We don't get burglaries, one after another after another. On occasion we'll get hit, but we went all summer without any. Now all of a sudden we get hit, three in a week,” Lt. Paul Shepard said.

Police believe the spree extends to Lakewood, Rocky River and the West Park neighborhood in Cleveland, where similar incidents involving the theft of electronics have been reported.

Shepard said neighbors of the Fairview Park incidents retrospectively told investigators they had seen suspicious activity. Police warned residents to be vigilant and lock doors.

“If you see something that is not right, suspicious, out of the ordinary, you know your neighborhood. Call police,” he said.

McNeeley said the family is adding new security measures to their home.

“Be vigilant, It could happen to anyone.”