Caught on camera: Shots fired inside busy Shaker Heights gas station

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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio-- Security cameras were rolling when a shooting happened at the Sunoco Gas station off of Lee Road at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

A male suspect can be seen on the video entering the store and pulling out a gun. The victim runs past him and slips. The suspect then fires a shot at the victim.

No one was injured. The bullet went through the victim’s jacket and lodged in one of the coolers. Both the victim and the shooter took off running.

“It’s scary. I can’t believe it happened here because I come here every day,” said Anita White, of Shaker Heights.

After the shooting, Shaker Heights police were called and are investigating.

Employees and several customers said the neighborhood is normally very peaceful, and they have always felt safe inside the store.

“It’s very quiet here,” White said.

“I have been coming here since I was 16,” William Stenson said. “I have never heard of any issues. People are weird. People do some really dumb stuff, but I am not going to not come back here because of this .”

Anyone with any information on the shooting or the shooter, should call Shaker Heights police right away.