Cleveland mayoral candidate: Zack Reed

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Zack Reed is a Cleveland City Councilman for Ward 2, which includes the Mt. Pleasant, Union-Miles and Mill Creek Falls neighborhoods.

What separates him from other candidates? Reed said he's campaigning on making communities safe.

"Mayor Frank Jackson has failed when it comes to public safety and he's failed when it comes to public service," Reed said. "In the 12 years that he has been the mayor of Cleveland, 1,211 have lost their lives," averaging to 100 homicides a year.

"First of all, you got to put people back to work. You've heard me say it once, I've said it twice and I will continue to say it on this campaign trail: Nothing stops a bullet like a job," he told FOX 8's Wayne Dawson.

He said he wants to put formally-incarcerated people to work by teaching them how to be carpenters, roofers and landscapers.

That safety-first mentally also carries over to his business plan. Once people felt safe downtown, more businesses moved into that area, Reed said.

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