Cleveland mayoral candidate: Frank Jackson

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Frank Jackson has served as the mayor of Cleveland since 2005. He said he's not ready to pass the baton because they are issues that need to become part of the city's institutions.

"There's some things that are so crucial and some thing right at the edge, that I need to make sure happen," Jackson said. That includes the police consent degree, youth violence, education and development projects.

He said he's helped get area like downtown and the Detroit Shoreway to the point where they can take care of themselves. It's time to focus on the neighborhoods.

"All I do now is spend time on neighborhoods that you need special attention for," Jackson said. He said that's why he took over street resurfacing.

The mayor admitted there is friction between some police officers and people in the community. Jackson said changing the requirements for those who get into the police academy gives them a chance to find more diverse candidates, whether that be race, ethnicity or gender.

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