Cleveland mayoral candidate: Brandon Chrostowski

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Brandon Chrostowski is the owner of Edwin's Restaurant on Shaker Square and founder EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute.

The school, which is a non-profit funded by the restaurant, provides those who have been incarcerated with a second chance. The program teaches them culinary and hospitality skills while also helping with housing, job coaching and more.

"I'm a servant. I'm a servant of the people. That's what the mayor is. He or she is supposed to serve the people," Chrostowski said. "I believe what's going on right now is unjust. I've seen the way these power players work together to maintain their power, but they're not serving the people as they're elected to do."

He cites high poverty rates and homelessness among schoolchildren as major issues facing the city. He said running non-profits gives him experience managing people and balancing budgets, which are necessary skills of any public official.

Last year, Chrostowski was named a CNN Hero.

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