Cleveland mayoral candidate: Bill Patmon

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Bill Patmon is a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, which includes Cleveland's downtown and Tremont, as well as Bratenahl.

The first thing he would do is get the Cleveland Division of Police in line with the consent decree.

"The mayor is actually the highest law enforcement officer in the city of Cleveland and so, he's really under the decree himself. So, as a mayor, I would not want to be told what to do by a federal judge," Patmon said.

The state representative said people are clearly unhappy with the current proposal to renovate Quicken Loans Arena. He said there needs to be a compromise.

"A great city is a city of great neighborhoods first. Then great downtowns are generated by people who want to make bus-loads of money," Patmon said.

Patmon also worked with FOX 8 legend Dick Goddard to pass Goddard's Law, which increased the penalty for abuse of a companion animal.

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