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Ohio couple planning to remodel home shocked at what’s hidden behind walls

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — A couple planning to remodel a home they bought in Dublin, Ohio, got quite the surprise when they took down a piece of drywall.

Behind it, they discovered a log. And more logs.

Soon, they realized their home was actually a log cabin built back in the 1800s.

WCMH reports that Jennifer Alexander and Kevin Kemp just recently bought the home.

“We had no idea this was here when we bought the house,” said Alexander. “I don’t know who knew. If anyone recognized it.”

The structure has two stories, and according to the Dublin Historical Society, it dates somewhere between 1820 and 1840.

Contractors are now pulling apart and tagging each log that was part of the cabin. Once it’s completely taken down, the city will store them in a barn and find a future site for the cabin to be rebuilt.

So far, they found many items that have helped them better date the cabin, including a blue Indian trade bead and a fireplace put together with mud.

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