Fiancée of Akron officer killed has message for Browns players who kneel during anthem

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AKRON, Ohio-- It's been nearly three years since police officer Justin Winebrenner died during a shooting at an Akron bar.

Winebrenner, 32, was off-duty and tried to defuse the situation when an angry customer returned with a gun. The seven-year veteran of the Akron Police Department was shot twice while protecting others. Four more people were hurt during the shooting.

Winebrenner was a Cleveland Browns season ticket holder and a lifelong fan. That's why his fiancée, Tiffany Miller, is so upset by Browns players choosing to kneel during the national anthem.

A dozen members of the Browns knelt in prayer on Monday night before their game against the New York Giants. It was the largest group of NFL players to not stand during the anthem since former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started his protest a year ago.

Miller shared her disappointment in the team and organization in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

"After saving my life and who knows how many others, the Cleveland Browns organization sent a custom jersey with Justin's last name stitched on the day of his funeral. Each year since his passing, I've saved for months to purchase our same seats. To be there on Sundays knowing he's watching with me. I've given his seat to his father, family, friends, brothers in blue & my favorite date, his daughter Charlee Ayn. Altogether I attended 13 Browns games last season searching for the smile that they once brought him & I. 

"After purchasing my tickets this year, watching the kneeling members of the team bring me anything but that. To the players & fans who don't agree with standing for our country and anthem, I am creating this to show you just who you are offending. Had I not already purchased our seats for this season I wouldn't have & if this behavior continues and is allowed I will not next year."

Miller said she contacted the Cleveland Browns and received a response from vice president of communications. FOX 8 News reached out to the organization for comment.

Kenan Ivery was convicted in Winebrenner's death and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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