I-Team looks into complaints against Euclid police

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EUCLID, Ohio -- The FOX 8 I TEAM has learned a Euclid police officer has been suspended 15 days for his role in a violent arrest caught on video. But he still could face more discipline, even firing.

And the I TEAM has uncovered a snapshot of citizen complaints against Euclid Police.

Officer Michael Amiott has been suspended without pay for the maximum amount of time the chief could give him. However, the chief also referred the case to the mayor for review. She could add additional punishment, or even fire the officer. No word from her office yet on what she’ll do.

This case relates to the arrest of a man after a traffic stop. Police said the driver resisted, but internal investigators found officer Amiott used too much force. They also found he pulled the car over because of where the driver had stopped at a traffic light. And records show police brass had told patrol officers not to make traffic stops based on that reason.

Days ago, an angry crowd swarmed Euclid City Hall protesting the violent arrest, as well as the shooting and killing of a man by Euclid Police. So the I TEAM did some digging.

We found in 2017, 12 citizen complaints have been filed against Euclid Police; three of them have been “founded” or determined to be justified.

The details of those complaints were not immediately available, so the I TEAM has filed another request.

Meantime, the NAACP wants officer Amiott fired and the feds to review Euclid Police. Danielle Sydnor of the NAACP said, “We at the NAACP do expect the mayor to at least offer some additional justice. We would hope the mayor does look at termination. It would send a message throughout the rank and file of the police force this will not be tolerated."

And NAACP President James Hardimann said, "If there are rogue cowboy cops that are not doing what they're supposed to be doing, that are not protecting and serving, I think they need to be eliminated."

The police union is appealing the suspension for officer Amiott and preparing to ask an arbitrator to cut it down or wipe it out. The union believes the 15-day suspension is unfair.

The driver arrested goes to court Thursday morning to face criminal charges for resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license.

No internal discipline has been handed out to the Euclid officer who shot and killed a man. The department is waiting for the criminal investigation to play out. A grand jury will decide if the shooting was justified.

"We have discussed the issues involving this officer with the US Attorney's office. And the investigation is ongoing," said Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O'Malley.

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