Group fights Lakewood’s pit bull ban as family pushes to keep dog

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio-- A Lakewood family is fighting to keep their dog.

Charlie has sparked an outpouring of community support to stop breed-specific legislation. About 50 gathered in front of Lakewood City Hall on Wednesday before a hearing. The city will have its decision in the next three to five days.

Jennifer Scott got approval for her dog in February. He got loose a few weeks ago and was turned in by the dog warden. That's when she was told that Charlie couldn't stay in the city.

Charlie's owner said breed-specific legislation is unfair. They said there are many dogs that may be part pit bull that are loving family pets.

Lakewood's pit bull ban started in 2008, outlawing dogs that are genetically more than 50 percent pit bull. The city said it was necessary because of the breed's vicious nature.

Other dog owners in Lakewood said they've had run-ins with Lakewood officials over how their dogs look so this fight isn't just about one dog. Scott's supporters said the ban is arbitrary and doesn't make sense.

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