Object crashes through windshield as man drives to work

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AKRON, Ohio-- A 46-year-old man was injured after a pry bar crashed through the windshield of his car Friday morning.

It happened around 9 a.m. on I-76 near the Lakeshore exit.

“I was driving with my left hand on the steering wheel because I was drinking my coffee,” said Bob Formoso. “It came in and hit me right like this and slid off my arm and over. If I was driving with my right arm like I normally do it would have hit me right in the chest and I would be dead.”

He said at first he thought he was shot.

“It was pretty scary; it sounded like an explosion went off in the car,” Formoso told Fox 8.

He called 911 and pulled into a parking lot. When he opened his car door to talk to an officer, he saw the pry bar next to him.

Formoso was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Akron police say they are trying to determine exactly how this happened. They said it could have fallen from an overpass or possibly flew off the back of a truck.