Family, friends of woman killed in Lorain told police suspect was obsessed with her

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LORAIN, Ohio -- Surveillance cameras outside an apartment complex in Lorain captured the final terrifying moments in the life of Kristen Malinowski.

The 24-year-old was attempting to get inside an apartment late Saturday night, as she was being confronted by a man identified by investigators as 55-year-old Jeffrey Shindler.

Police say Shindler pulled out a gun and shot Malinowski, and then chased after her and shot her several more times. Kristen Malinowski would later be pronounced dead at the scene.

Based on the video and statements from the victim’s family and friends, authorities quickly identified Jeffrey Shindler as the suspected killer, and they went to his home in Amherst Township on Sunday afternoon to place him under arrest.

When they arrived, his wife answered the door, but Shindler ran to his garage and took his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Police say Shindler had known Malinowski for some time, and her relatives indicated that Shindler was obsessed with Kristen and she was trying to get away from the man they describe as a stalker.

At a press conference on Monday, Lorain Police Lt. Ed Super said, "basically that she wanted to be left alone and that she had threatened to go and speak to his wife about the relationship they were involved in."

Inside the suspect’s home, police recovered the gun they say Jeffrey Shindler used to kill Kristen Malinowski and to take his own life. They also found other evidence linking Shindler to the victim. "Mr. Shindler and his wife were both pretty well known in our community and I think everybody is shocked at the events that unfolded," said Lt. Super.