Lorain police: two dead in murder-suicide

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LORAIN, Ohio - Lorain police report that they are investigating a murder-suicide that began in their city late Saturday evening.

Police were called out to the 4600 block of Oberlin Avenue at around 11:30 p.m. after they'd received many calls of people hearing gunshots. When the arrived, they found the body of a 24-year-old Lorain woman. They also found a number of video recordings that "documented the events leading to the death of the victim." From them they identified a 55-year-old man as a suspect in her death.

On Sunday, at around 2 p.m., officials went to the suspect's Amherst Township home with a search warrant. As they were speaking with a family member at the door of the home, the suspect went into the garage and shot himself in the head. His suicide is being investigated by the Lorain County Sheriff's Office.

The Lorain police will be releasing more information on this incident on Monday. They have not yet released the names of the victim or the suspect, saying that the families of each were trying to notify relatives.

There are not believed to be any other suspects involved in this, but an investigation will continue.