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Pit bulls save children from poisonous snake

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BRANDON, Fla.– A woman’s two pit bulls are to thank for helping protect her grandchildren from a poisonous copperhead.

Melissa Butt told WFLA, her two dogs, Slayer and Paco, are her protectors, and they just protected her four-year-old grandson and one-year-old granddaughter.

Butt said her grandchildren were outside playing in the yard when the dogs started barking; they had spotted a snake and were trying to get it away from the children.  Thanks to their warning, the kids were able to get inside the house.

But, the poisonous snake bit both dogs. It first struck Paco; then Slayer picked up the snake in his mouth and killed it.

Slayer suffered wounds to his face and snout, which swelled to almost twice its size. Paco was injured in his leg.

Both of the dogs were taken to the vet, and given an anti-venom.

After the life-saving treatment, Paco was able to go home, but Slayer stayed at the vet, recovering for several days. He is now also back home.

Butt told CBS News, “I know my dogs are heroes and without a doubt saved the lives of my grandchildren. They are too small to have fought something off like that. If they had gotten bit I’m 100 percent sure they wouldn’t have survived.”

She also shared her gratitude on Facebook:

“Our family is beyond grateful for everyone that has helped us care for our heroes. We feel blessed that the dogs took the “bite” for the family instead of one of the kids and further blessed by the love, prayers and support from all!!!”

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