8-year-old girl who allegedly killed baby at daycare says she heard demon’s voice

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MUSKEGON, Mich. -- An eight-year-old girl is reportedly responsible for killing a one-year-old boy while left unattended at a Michigan daycare.

Fox 17 reports that the baby, Korey Brown, died in April. He was found unresponsive and covered in bite marks when his mother arrived to pick him up. His cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head and possible suffocation.

Newly released court documents say that according to witnesses, Korey was crying and screaming while in a playpen, when the girl then picked him up and put him into the closet.

Court documents also state that the little girl bit and kicked the baby and told investigators she heard "demons" that told her to do things.

Court documents say there were no adults in the room when Korey was killed.

It's not the first time the little girl has shown signs of violence.  She'd been suspended from school several times for violent acts.

And documents also state she lit a couch on fire after the daycare incident. Fox 17 reports she was living in an unfit home and had witnessed her father repeatedly use violence against her mother.

The little girl has since been admitted to a psychiatric facility.

The owner of the daycare, Keysha's Keepers, pleaded no contest to negligence charges and was given a year's probation.

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