Kent State coach fired after player’s death defends his credentials

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Photo courtesy: Kenton Football via Twitter

KENT, Ohio — A strength and conditioning coach fired after a Kent State football player died following a summer workout says he was upfront with the university about his credentials.

The school in northeast Ohio said earlier this week that it fired Ross Bowsher because it said he had given false information about his certification.

Bowsher says in a statement released Wednesday that he was working toward certification and that he had been transparent with university officials about his credentials.

“I appreciate Kent State University’s internal review of the June 13 workout which found that, ‘the workout was conducted in accordance with national protocols for student-athlete health and safety, and supervised appropriately by qualified personnel.’ However, I am disappointed that the university also released in the same statement that my employment was terminated on the grounds that I provided false information. This statement has led some to suggest that my involvement in the June 13 workout somehow contributed to Tyler Heintz’s death, which is absolutely untrue.

The university has always been fully aware of my credentials. I’ve always been transparent with officials at Kent State University regarding my extensive education and experience that have allowed me to successfully coach collegiate athletes for the last 11 years.

I care very much for all my student athletes, and their well-being and safety have always been my top priority. I continue to mourn the loss of Tyler Heintz, and his family remains in my thoughts and prayers.”

Kent State has said that a review found that the trainers and coaches at the workout were following the right procedures at the training session.

The university released the following in response to Bowsher:

We stand by the statement we released Monday. 

Freshman offensive lineman Tyler Heintz died following a morning workout on June 13. A final autopsy report on his death is expected within the next few months.

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