Akron police give 89-year-old new bike after his was stolen

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AKRON, Ohio –  An 89-year-old man is back on a bike seat again, all thanks to the kindness of the Akron Police Department.

James Pint was in the grocery store last week and his bike was parked out front. When he came out of the store, the bike was gone. He called the police.

Pint, a veteran, told them that he rides his bike three or four times a week, mainly to church and to the store.  The officer that took the report was so touched by Pint’s story that he decided to let his fellow police officers know about it.

Wednesday, Akron Police Chief James Nice was on hand to present Pint with a brand new bike and helmet. They were donated by Elves and More of Northeast Ohio.

Pint says that this time, promises to lock it up and noted that this new one is in much better shape than the old one.

Happy rides to you Mr. Pint!