‘Ridiculous’: Controversy flares after district asks teachers not to wear Capris

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — A new policy at a school district in Georgia is causing some controversy among teachers and families alike.

WXIA reports that in an email to teachers, the district stated that Capris are not appropriate for the classroom.

The memo states:

“Please emphasize the expectation that attire be professional and appropriate. Some items of clothing that are not appropriate for work include jeans (except on Fridays), flip-flops, sneakers, leggings (except when worn with an appropriate length dress), shorts and Capris.”

Parents and teachers are calling it “ridiculous.”

The district’s superintendent, however, said it’s not a ban but an expectation and that if a teacher wouldn’t wear an outfit to a job interview, they shouldn’t wear it in the classroom.

He did add that if the pants are an inch or two above the ankle, “that’s fine.”

“A longer version of shorts, it isn’t business,” North told WXIA. “It isn’t professional. If a teacher comes into the building with pants just above the ankle, no one is going to say a word.”

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