He wanted job done right: Man tears up newly-paved road in Barberton

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BARBERTON, Ohio-- Tim Grimes says after contractors stripped off the top layer of pavement preparing to repave his street, he was concerned about what he saw underneath it.

The layer underneath was so loose he said it was coming up in big chunks as they simply walked across it. That's where contractors were about to lay the new asphalt.

"I could walk by, my foot just kick it up. Chunks like that would come up. You could reach down with your finger with no effort and release it," said Ken Brader, a neighbor.

"They don't last and if you don't start out right, as an old construction worker, if you don't start out with a good base, nothing is ever going to end up finishing out good," Grimes said.

Grimes said, as a taxpayer, he wanted to make sure the job was done right. So he started literally pulling up the base layer, creating huge divots in the street.

"I pay my city taxes, I pay my state taxes and everything else, you know, and for everything. And I figure it needs to be done right," Grimes said.

His wife, Kathy, describes Grimes as someone who believes that any job worth doing is worth doing right.

"When he first started doing it, I'm like, 'What are you doing you are tearing the road up?' He's like, 'It's already tore up.' He was trying to make a point and I think he made it," Kathy Grimes said.

City inspectors photographed what Tim Grimes did to the street and called police.

"They weren't real happy when they came out they looked at the road. They took pictures and they said because he created a hazard, they were going to have to see about prosecuting or whatever," said his wife.

But as of late Thursday, no charges have been filed. The city's law department told FOX 8 nothing has been referred to them for charges.

In the meantime, Grimes said he believes what he did helped get his street paved right.

"I'm hoping so. I'm really hoping so. Time will tell," Grimes said.