I TEAM: Why so many police chases by one small department?

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BROOKLYN, Ohio - New video just released shows Brooklyn Police zooming along 480 involved in yet another chase. And this led the FOX 8 I TEAM to investigate why such a small department ends up in so many chases.

Brooklyn Police patrol about four-and-a-half square miles, but the Chief says officers there this week have been involved in 3 chases in about 36 hours. And in recent months, we’ve seen more Brooklyn police chases often with crashes and close calls even for officers.

Cleveland Police rarely chase after suspects anymore, but the I TEAM found Brooklyn Police frequently making headlines for pursuits.

The Chief stands behind what his department does. Scott Mielke said he sends his officers to pursuit training every year, and every chase is reviewed. He told the I TEAM, "We constantly reevaluate the policy and what our officers did. We compare the two and see if we have to make any changes to the officer's behavior, the supervisor's behavior, or even to the policy."

The I TEAM requested the Brooklyn Police pursuit policy. It’s 11 pages. It includes guidelines for officers to gauge why they're chasing a driver and guidelines to consider speed, traffic, and weather. We found the policy last updated n March.

The chief points out the latest chases included suspects involved in stealing $6000 from a store, stolen vehicles and suspects already wanted on warrants.

Months ago, we showed you a chase that turned violent after a driver took off during a traffic stop briefly dragging an officer. Later, police rammed the suspect’s vehicle to stop the chase.

The chief added, “Department-wide, I think we've done a great job of measuring that risk of apprehending the bad guy.”