VIDEO: Mother with kids in car runs from trooper

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CLEVELAND-- The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video showing what the highway patrol says is a mother speeding away from police even with two children in the car, a toddler and an infant.

And when the Ohio Highway Patrol finally arrested the woman, video shows troopers repeatedly trying to find out from her why she ran especially with kids in the car.

It happened on Cleveland’s west side in the wee hours of the morning of July 4th. It began when a trooper said he spotted a driver not staying in her lane.

Patrol car video shows a chase lasting several minutes sometimes at high speeds. It went through side streets, and at last the driver stopped and jumped out of the car. At that point, a trooper arrested Amber Sweany at gunpoint, taking her to the ground.

As the trooper questioned her, he wondered, "Why didn't you stop?" Sweany answered, "I panicked. I'm sorry. I know that's not gonna do anything." The trooper responded, "With kids in the car." And she answered, "Yeah, I know."

In the back of that patrol car, the trooper asked the kinds of questions you might ask. And now, the I TEAM has more. We went looking for that driver at her address on court records. We found a new warrant out for her arrest. Records say she didn't show up for a court hearing on the charges.

A neighbor said he hadn’t seen Sweany in a while, and a woman claiming to be the woman’s sister said she had moved and didn’t know where to find her.

Back at the patrol car, you can hear the trooper also ask, "Why were you running from us?" Sweany answered, "’Cause I was scared." And then he responded with, "Scared for what?"
Ultimately, Sweany will have to answer to a judge in Cleveland Municipal Court.

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