Grand jury will not indict officer involved in deadly shooting in Hudson

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HUDSON, Ohio-- A grand jury has decided no charges will be filed against a Hudson police officer for a deadly shooting of a college student here from the Middle East.

The FOX 8 I TEAM broke the news to the student's family in the United Arab Emirates, and we've uncovered how police say the shooting happened.

The man killed did not have a weapon.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office oversaw the investigation and took the facts of the case to a grand jury.

In December, Hudson officer Ryan Doran shot and killed Saif Al Ameri.

Al Ameri crashed his car on the turnpike, and witnesses said he ran away wildly.

The officer then spotted Al Ameri in some woods. Police video shows Doran getting out of his cruiser and pulling his gun almost immediately.

What led to the gunfire? The officer told investigators Al Ameri charged at him, reached for his gun, and choked him.

Al Ameri got hit with 5 gunshots.

Seven-thousand miles away his brother reacted. Ali Al Ameri said the decision with no charges is not what the family expected. And the family still wants to know more.

Investigators say Saif Al Ameri had marijuana in his system but no other drugs.

It's not clear why he ran from the accident scene. Records just released say police at Case Western Reserve University noted "erratic behavior" in the past by Al Ameri after he had been drinking and smoking pot.

The records also address the officer getting out of his car and pulling his gun shouting commands almost immediately. He told investigators he wanted Al Ameri to surrender quickly so he could be turned over to the highway patrol before the situation escalated.
Meantime, investigators say DNA testing backed up the officer's story of the struggle.

Al Ameri's brother wanted to offer thanks for the help and support he's received from the United Arab Emirates embassy here in America. The embassy issued a statement saying it is working with the family to explore "additional legal options".

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