New home, new name for pup who survived horrific attack

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CLEVELAND--A dog that survived a horrific attack now has a new home.. and a new name!

Five months ago,  the terrier mix known as Indiana Bones was found clinging to life after being hit by a car on Superior in Cleveland. He was then beaten with bricks by a group of teens who left him for dead.

"You saw the old pictures of him with the damage around his head, and on his shoulders. But the big thing were the injuries to his rear limbs," said Dr. Neal Sivula.

After two surgeries, Dr.  Sivula, owner of Dancing Paws Wellness Center in Richfield, and wife, Stephanie, became Indiana's foster parents and assisted in his recovery: Underwater treadmill exercises were part of his intensive rehab.

In six weeks, Indiana has already gained about ten pounds, and a third surgery doctors thought he would need to his back left hip is no longer needed.

"The reason Indiana hasn't needed the third surgery we thought he was gonna need is because of the incredible care and therapy they are able to provide," said Sharon Harvey, Cleveland APL president.

On Wednesday, with the stroke of a pen, the Sivulas went from foster parents to adoptive parents.

"It makes space for the great people at the APL to bring in another animal to help them. It's sort of a chain reaction all the way down the line. So it's great for us, great for them, great for Indiana James, as we call him, but from top to bottom it's so rewarding," said Stephanie Sivula.

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