Mom speaks out after suspected drunk driver takes dangerous drive through Fairview Park neighorhood

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FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio -- A Fairview Park mother is speaking out after a suspected drunk driver took a dangerous and destructive drive through their quiet neighborhood.

The incident happened last Thursday at just before around 8 p.m. Children and families were outside playing, when they say a man started driving through yards, with no consideration for their safety.

"We were just like, oh my goodness, and sick to our stomach about what would have happened if we were here."

Lana Baker is counting her blessings that she and her family are safe. She's still in disbelief over the damage done to their yard by a suspected drunk driver.

"They heard tires peeling out, drove through these trees and over our yard, down the street until someone actually ran after him."

At least three yards in the community were torn up by a man police say was driving drunk--nearly three times over the legal limit.

"It is very disturbing to us, and fortunately it was just a couple stakes holding up a sappling as opposed to a person getting hurt," said Fairview Park Police Chief Erich Upperman.

Police say he admitted to the crime and they took him into custody.

"The first thing I thought of was how lucky we are that we weren't home, because it's very likely we would have been outside and they would have gotten completely ran over."

Police say the man faces numerous charges including OVI and failure to control. He was released on bond.