Credit card skimmers reported across Summit, Medina counties

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(Photo courtesy: Akron Better Business Bureau)

AKRON, Ohio– The Better Business Bureau is warning people to pay close attention when they swipe their card at gas stations and ATMs.

A  credit card skimmer was found on a gas station pump on state Route 303 in Brunswick, the BBB said in a news release on Wednesday. This case was different because it was an internal skimming device on the pump’s key pad.

These skimmers store information from credit card’s magnetic strips, making it easy for thieves to make fraudulent purchases.

Similar incidents were reported in Barberton, Tallmadge, Norton and Wadsworth this year.

The BBB said gas pumps in Medina County are being inspected for skimmers and marked with blue tape. If the slot has been tampered with, the tape shows a voided side, warning customers of illegal activity.

The Akron BBB offers the following tips to avoid skimmers:

  • Use credit cards as opposed to debit cards on gas pumps. Credit card fraud disputes are easier to manage. Credit card companies will often send out an alert if your card has been tampered with, saving you from having to front the cash.
  • Take note of unusual activity when evaluating the gas pump. Look for off color terminals attachments, devices that aren’t flush with the machine and any loose pieces. Compare gas pumps closest to you and verify that they appear similar.
  • Pay inside. If you feel uncomfortable with paying at the gas pump, see the attendant inside the gas station. Use a chip reader when available.
    BBB suggests monitoring your bank statements and looking for unusual activity. If you note anything suspicious, contact your credit card issuer and place a fraud alert on your card.
  • If you catch a credit card skimmer, report the incident to your local law enforcement agency. You can also report the scam to BBB’s ScamTracker to help increase awareness with other potential victims.