Boy, 4, dies after being attacked by family dogs

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EL PASO, Texas — Police in El Paso, Texas are investigating after a 4-year-old was killed by the family’s dogs in his own backyard.

Police said the boy was left in an enclosed trampoline which was in the backyard with the dogs.

A neighbor told KFOX-TV that he was playing basketball last Thursday when he heard a woman crying and saying her son ran away.

He ran into her backyard to look for the boy. He said that’s when he also encountered the dogs.

“So I jumped over the gate, and that’s when I found the dogs in one corner. The far left of the house,” Albert Hernandez said. “I got closer and closer, and that’s when they realized (the dogs were) coming. The first (dog) attacked me, which was the biggest one … I had to hit it in the face, and that’s when it ran.”

When officers arrived, they found the boy’s lifeless body in the backyard. He has been identified as Jacob Brooks.

All four of the dogs were taken into Animal Services custody, KFOX reported.

Other neighbors told the El Paso Times that the family had at least 10 dogs. The man said they were mostly Pit Bulls and German Shepherds.

Ramon Payan said he believes two women and about three children — including a baby — live in the home.

“They (the family) were torn apart for the boy,” Payan told the El Paso Times. “It was ugly, as one can imagine. They were screaming because of what happened. They threw themselves on the ground. He had already passed away. It had already happened and they couldn’t do anything now.  Even when they were taken in the police car, they were still screaming and screaming.”

The boy’s mother was taken to a hospital on a protective medical hold.

No charges had been filed as of Friday morning, but the investigation is on-going.