Kyrie laughs as Curry makes fun of LeBron? Here’s the video

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DALLAS, Texas - Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry seemed to be making a bit of fun of LeBron James at a weekend wedding.

But it was one of the onlookers cheering him on that gives the Sports Illustrated Tweet a bit of an edge.

Yup, that's Kyrie Irving laughing and clapping as Curry made sport of James' workout video from June. The same song, "First Day Out," is featured both times.

The occasion for all that dancing (and the tuxedos) was the wedding of Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes in Dallas. Irving was in the wedding party. He has reportedly said that he wants to be traded from the Cavs. Sources told ESPN, Irving wants to play in a situation where he can be more of a focal point. 

However, James responded to that report by telling people to "get another source"  denying that there were problems.

Just a bit of wedding fun....or something more? Time may tell.

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