Suspect in Akron fire that killed family linked to other fires

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AKRON, Ohio-- The man accused of setting a house fired that killed seven members of an Akron family is now linked to another fatal fire.

Officials told the FOX 8 I-Team that 58-year-old Stanley Ford is tied to a second fire. More details will be released during a news conference Thursday morning.

Firefighters arrived on Fultz Street in Akron on May 15 to find the two-story house engulfed in flames.

Killed were 35-year-old Dennis Huggins, his partner, 38-year-old Angela Boggs, and five children: 14-year-old Jered Boggs, 6-year-old Daisia Huggins, 5-year-old Kylle Huggins, 3-year-old Alivia Huggins and 16-month-old Cameron Huggins.

Ford, the family's neighbor, was charged with aggravated arson and aggravated murder for the blaze. He pleaded not guilty during his May 25 court appearance and was given at $7 million bond.

The fire happened a block from a home where a man and a woman died in an April 2016 fire that was investigated as a potential arson.

Ford has now been indicted on death penalty specifications in connection with three fires. In two of those fires, nine people total were killed.

The first fire occurred on April 18, 2016 at 719 Fultz Ave. Lindell Lewis and Gloria Jean Hart died in that fire.

The second happened on Jan. 23,2017. A vehicle was set in fire at 723 Russell Avenue. No one was injured in that fire.

The third was on May 15, 2017 at 693 Fultz Avenue in Akron. A family of seven died.

Ford now faces 22 counts of aggravated murder with death penalty specifications.

He is scheduled to be in court next Wednesday.

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