Leave your garbage can out too long? It’ll get you a ticket in Parma

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PARMA, Ohio -- Thursday is garbage day in the city of Parma.

But garbage cans are the center of controversy after several residents along Grantwood Drive got tickets from the city for leaving their cans out too long on collection day.

"Last Thursday, my husband put the garbage cans out. I guess you have 12 hours, I looked into it. It was 17 hours until they were brought in," said Lori Matras, resident.

The next morning, Matras got a ticket from the city. So did her husband.

"Each $155 dollars. There's also a court date and if you don't attend court, there is a warrant for your arrest," said Matras.

Neighbor Joe Mauretic also got a ticket from the city. So did his wife.

"Two tickets, one offense. This is the city's way of making money," said Mauretic.

Fox 8 reached out to the city who confirmed the tickets were issued under the city's property maintenance ticketing program, an ordinance enacted back in 2013.

"The city makes every attempt to keep residents informed of ordinances, and our City Council members remind residents about city policies via printed newsletters and also by knocking on doors and making personal contact," said Safety Director Tom Weinreich, in a statement Thursday.

Meantime, residents are left to either pay the fines or go to court.

"The cans should have been brought in. But at $155 dollars a piece, and to miss a day of work to go to court, and be threatened to be arrested over not bringing trash cans in, is unacceptable to me," said Matras.

The city says property maintenance ordinances are enforced by five property maintenance inspectors.‚Äč