I-Team: Family of missing man taunted by text messages

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CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-Team has found a family searched for days for a missing man after receiving a series of text messages that made loved ones think the worst and beg for more information.

Charles “Chuck” Bailey vanished over the weekend. And suddenly, relatives started getting text messages saying he was dead.

They put up posters and organized search parties desperate to, at least, find the man’s body and then find out what happened.

Late Tuesday, Cleveland police say they found Bailey alive at a hospital. But even investigators now need to dig into all this to sort out what really happened.

Several relatives of Bailey all got text messages Sunday morning.  One said, “We found Charles Bailey phone last night. We also found him dead too.” Another said, “We didn’t do it. I took the phone. So I could sell it to eat.”

One relative responded to a text about the possibility of the body being found in a certain house. She wrote, “Who told u that?” And the response, "I can’t say sorry."

Investigators close to the case had even suspected foul play.

Bailey’s sister and brother-in-law were left stung by how this played out. Certainly, they’re grateful Chuck is OK. But, Michael Morgan said, "It breaks you down. That's not the way to treat a family."

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