Dad wins the internet with his epic birthday message to his daughter

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(Photo Credit: Joe Pellatt Facebook/Raylin Pellatt Twitter)

HARTLAND, Michigan — It might be the world’s perfect “dad joke.”

Joe Pellatt, of Hartland, Michigan, posted a picture on Facebook for his daughter’s 21st birthday. It’s his caption that made the picture go viral.

The picture shows Raylin Pellatt on a boat ride during a trip to Cabo, Mexico, a couple of years ago, Buzzfeed reported. A friendly seal jumped into the boat with the family, so Joe snapped a picture.

“Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful daughter Raylin,” Joe wrote on Facebook with the picture. But he clarified that his daughter was the one on the left.

Raylin thought it was hilarious and posted it to her Twitter account with the caption “Thanks for the clarification, Dad.” The post quickly went viral with more than 187,000 retweets and nearly 600,000 “likes.”

“Honestly thank god this went viral because it deserves it,” one person responded on Twitter.

Another wrote, “Your dad is now my favorite person.”

“My mother heard me laughin all the way from the other end of the house at this,” another person wrote.

The post has thousands of comments.