Sheriff’s office: No one else involved in Lafayette Township trustee’s death

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MEDINA, Ohio-- The family of Bryon Macron learned on Monday the cause of his death has been ruled undetermined.

The family met with officials at 8:30 a.m. Monday at the Medina County Sheriff's Office to go over reports related to the autopsy of the former Lafayette Township trustee. Macron was reported missing in December and his body was found in February in Chippewa Lake.

Medina County Coroner Lisa Deranek said Macron suffered six stab wounds, including a long wound on his neck, but none of those injuries alone caused his death. While the direction of the wounds could mean they were self-inflicted, Deranek said she was unable to determine that for sure.

Macron suffered no blunt force trauma to his head or face, no fractures or bruising to neck or spine, and no cuts on his hands.

There was no evidence of any lung trauma, and no foreign body or water in his lung tubes. The coroner could not be certain he was dead before he entered the water.

Deranek said toxicology tests was positive for alcohol. The results also showed amphetamine, which was caused by the level of decomposition. Those tests slowed the autopsy report.

The Medina County Sheriff's Office said investigators believe the only person involved in Macron's death was himself, but they would not call it suicide. Authorities compared blood in the trustee office to other township employees, but concluded it belonged to Macron and no one else.

The sheriff's office also said the former trustee had a large amount of personal debt. Out of respect for the family, they would not elaborate.

Prior to his death, he purchased security equipment and changed his passwords. According to the sheriff's office, the FBI has not been able to access his computer.

Macron’s widow, Victoria, told FOX 8 she was frustrated with the time it took to get answers in her husband's death.

"I am heartbroken by the information I received this morning. I am also disgusted and disappointed. I really thought we would have more answers by now," Victoria Macron said.

The family has hired Cleveland attorney Richard Lillie to help them get answers.

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