Police say they have suspect in 2015 murder at Akron pizza shop

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AKRON, Ohio -- Authorities in Akron plan to release details Thursday regarding "new developments" in the 2015 shooting death of a 21-year-old man in his family's Akron pizza shop.

Akron police said no one has been charged in the case, but they have identified a suspect. Investigators did not release any information about the suspect other than the individual is already in custody on unrelated changes. A news conference will be held Thursday.

Zakareia Husein was behind the counter of the pizza shop, Premium New York Style Pizza, when an armed man entered the store. He was wearing all black and was pointing a gun at Husein.

Surveillance shows Husein did what he was told to do, but the robber still shot and killed him before running off.

On Wednesday, Husein's brother, Ammar, said sharing the news that there's a suspect in the murder was the best call he's made to his mother since he got married.

Ammar Husein called this a huge relief, not only to his family, but to other victims of unsolved crimes in Akron.

"Honestly, I had anticipated and had emotionally anticipated to never have a resolution, never to have justice, so it's kind of like I got something I wasn't looking for in a way," Ammar Husein

There had been a $50,000 reward for information in the case.

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