New wood and steel coaster to open at Cedar Point in 2018

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SANDUSKY, Ohio -- New coaster. Wood and steel. 2018!

Don't worry; we will know more by the end of this season.

Those are the few details Cedar Point released at a hard hat tour of the park's newest construction project Tuesday morning.

Media got an inside look at the progress of the park's newest roller coaster, the name of which hasn't been revealed.

Many other details haven't been revealed, either. But park officials promised the new development will be pretty exciting for visitors.

"We are constructing a new attraction that will open in 2018, and everyone will hear what we're doing by the end of this season," said Tony Clark, Cedar Point spokesman.

The new ride is located near Frontier Town at the site of the former Mean Streak.

The Mean Streak was the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster when it was built in 1991. It shut down last September.

The new coaster's track will be pretty unique -- it will be made of both wood and steel.

"In the fall, we hired a guy with an ax to come in and chop it down," said Clark. "He hired somebody else, and they're doing new things to the coaster. So we thought OK -- what they're doing is kind of neat, so why don't we keep it. So they've done some pretty crazy stuff on top of the structure here."

Clark said there will be lots of other changes coming to Frontier Town by 2018, too.

"Guests are really going to find Frontier Town has been transformed in 2018," he said. "So this is obviously the big project. You can't miss it. You see it wherever you go in the park. We'll have other little announcements of things we'll change inside the park as well. The whole atmosphere of Frontier Town is going to be something guests are going to love."

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