The impact on Medicaid patients if Cleveland Clinic, CareSource terminate contract

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-- The Cleveland Clinic and CareSource could be terminating their contract, leaving a big impact on many Medicaid patients in the area.

Patients who are under the state’s largest Medicaid plan will not be able to get care from the Cleveland Clinic unless the companies can reach a deal.

CareSource is a nonprofit company based out of Dayton. The company manages Medicaid members and provides public health care programs. It serves more than a million people throughout Ohio.

CareSource members can still go to the Clinic for care today, but that could soon change. If CareSource and the Cleveland Clinic don't come to an agreement, CareSource patients will not be able get care from the Clinic starting September 1.

Fox 8 received the following statements from both companies:

The Cleveland Clinic says:

“Cleveland Clinic is deeply committed to caring for Medicaid patients, as it’s a vital part of our mission. Regrettably, we recently received notice from CareSource they may terminate our relationship. It’s important to note, Cleveland Clinic is still under contract through August 31, 2017 and in active discussions with CareSource at this time. CareSource members can still come here for care as they do today. While we hope this does get resolved, in the event this relationship ends, patients may select another Medicaid plan to access Cleveland Clinic which can be done through the Ohio Medicaid Consumer Hotline. In addition, we will work with CareSource to provide continuity of care for patients, and as always Cleveland Clinic’s emergency departments are available regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay. We are pleased to work with the majority of managed Medicaid plans in the region to ensure patients have options and access to Cleveland Clinic.”

CareSource says:

“We are hopeful for a contract resolution with Cleveland Clinic and continue to keep the lines of communication open. Due to requirements by the Ohio Department of Medicaid we must notify our members that may be impacted, 45 days prior to a potential contract termination. To help our membership maintain health care access and continuity of care the notification letters will be sent this week. The letter includes a list of alternate high quality health partners for our members in the Cleveland region.”

CareSource says the notification letters will start going out this week.

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