Summer fun, Team Swish style: J.R., family spending fun time together

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NEW JERSEY – J.R. Smith is spending some time in his home state of New Jersey and by all accounts, is getting in some quality family time while he visits his hometown.

The  Cleveland Cavaliers guard posted this generational Instagram post a few days ago, paying tribute to his late grandfather:

Smith wrote, “The seat next to Peyton looks like it’s open but my Grandfather was sitting with us!! I felt his presence upon us. Unreal feeling but it was felt! Love you Grandpop!”

As you can see in the photo, his daughter Dakota, who was born 5 months early in January, is practicing her power naps.

But Smith’s wife Jewel posted a picture Sunday that proves there are times when that  little sweetie is awake and learning all about summertime fun:

“Loving the continuous…seen and un seen GROWTH within our Union” was her powerful caption underneath the precious photo!

Read more about the Smith family, here. 

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