Girl Scout saves grandma who was choking: ‘She is my angel’

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MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio – A 13-year-old child did something heroic many of us will never do in our entire lives: She saved a woman from dying, and that woman was her grandmother.

“She is my angel,” said Laura Noar, as she hugged her granddaughter, Lila Szojka.

Noar, her daughter, Amanda Salay, and granddaughter went to the Applebee’s in Middleburg Heights March 11 for dinner.

“Once dinner arrived I got the hiccups,” Noar explained. “I ate a piece of my baked potato and it got stuck in my throat.”

Noar said she was unable to talk.

“Her face was turning bluish, purple,” Salay told Fox 8. “It was crazy. I never saw anything like that before.”

Salay said she knew her daughter, a Girl Scout in Troop 197, had just completed life-saving training so she asked her to help.

“My mom told me that I had to do something about it, and I looked at her like she was crazy,” Lila said, with a laugh. “I didn’t want to make a huge scene about it so I got behind her and ended up knocking my chair down, making a big scene, and then I started doing the Heimlich.”

A few minutes after she started, her grandmother began coughing and was able to breathe again.

“I had my arms wrapped around her and then when I knew she was just going to be OK, I hugged her,” Lila said. “When we got home I went up to my grandpa and I played the song “Stayin’ Alive” and did a dance.”

Her quick action has now earned her the Girl Scouts of America Lifesaving Award. The award will be given to her this Sunday.

“I don’t think I am a hero. I’ve seen other girls get this award and I think they did a lot more than I did,” Lila said.

But her mother and grandmother disagree.

“I am so proud of her,” Noar said. “I don’t know what would have happened if she wasn’t there.”

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