Would lottery app entice millennials to take a gamble?

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When it comes to playing the lottery, millennials just don’t seem to be interested.

Only a third of people between the ages of 20 and 35 bought a lottery ticket last year, CNBC reported. And those numbers are declining.

It’s a concern for the lottery industry along with the states and programs that count on the tax revenue or donations from lottery games.

A start-up called AutoLotto hopes to convince millennials to play. The company’s app allows users to buy tickets from their smartphones. It even lets them scan paper tickets purchased in store to track them and to receive notifications if they win.

“Millennials shop and play games on their phones a lot,” Tony DiMatteo, AutoLotto founder, told CNBC. “And they don’t make up a lot of the foot traffic to the traditional retailers that sell lottery tickets, whether that’s your local pharmacy or a store at the gas station.”

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