Mom’s Facebook post about toddler’s trampoline injury goes viral

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TAMPA,  Florida – A mother’s warning about trampoline dangers has gone viral.

Kait Ellen posted a picture of her three-year-old boy writhing in the hospital after he fell off a trampoline broke his femur.


This happened at one of those popular trampoline parks that you see everywhere these days.

Kait’s son, Colton,  was put in a cast from his waist down and won’t be able to walk for six weeks.

“The pain that he went through and the pain that he is continuously going through at this point — it’s been a nightmare,” she added.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has advised that no child under six should jump on a trampoline, because their bones are just too fragile.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that, in 2015, there were 107,100 trampoline-associated injuries in the United States.  It reports that it was made aware of 21 deaths from 2009 to 2013.

Kait’s post has been shared more than 260-thousand times

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