I TEAM: woman busted for jail escape now back out of jail

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM is investigating after a judge released a woman from jail even as she’s facing charges for breaking out of jail.

Crystal Bullins now is out on bond after posting just $100.

Memorial Day weekend, Cleveland Police say Bullins escaped from a city jail. She’d been locked up on a minor charge. Police say she tried climbing a fence surrounding the jail. Then, police say she stole a prisoner van with guns in it. Security video shows the van ramming a fence and breaking through a gate. Bullins was caught a short time later by Highland Hills Police.

However, the I TEAM has found, Bullins went before a judge in Bedford days later, and then she got out of jail on bond.

The I TEAM obtained a recording of that court hearing. You hear a judge ask, "Well do you have $100?" And, "You have friends and family that can get $100?" Finally, the judge can be heard saying, "Ma'am, the best I can do for you is a $1000 cash, surety, or 10 percent. Means for $100 you can get out."

Getting out of jail on bond, of course, is kind of a promise to show up for court. But records say Crystal Bullins has already missed one hearing in county court. Now she’s due back at the justice center in the coming week. Bullins has just been indicted by Cuyahoga County Prosecutors on a series of felony charges tied to the escape.

While you may be surprised Crystal Bullins is free on bond, her mother is disgusted. Gail Long said, "The child that I raised was very loving, very caring. Not even who she is today. She should be in jail. She should be in some type of treatment. She doesn't need to be put back on the street. She's gonna die out on the street."

We tried reaching Bullins and had no luck. We also tried reaching that Bedford judge, but he was off.

Her mother turned to the I TEAM camera with this message: "Crystal, I love you. I love you. But you're not just putting yourself through this. You're putting your family through this."

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