I TEAM: hear the recording of councilman put on hold calling 9-1-1

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM now has obtained the recording of the phone call last week when Cleveland Councilman and candidate for mayor Zack Reed ended up on hold after calling 9-1-1.

It took City Hall nearly a week to produce the recording, and it only happened after the I TEAM kept pressing for it. City Hall initially sent other 9-1-1 clips, and a spokesman said the city had no record of the Councilman’s call.

The night of July 4th, Reed came upon two men who’d been shot and wounded. He called 9-1-1, but when a police dispatcher sent him to an EMS dispatcher, the phone rang several times. Then a recording kicked in announcing all other calltakers were handling other emergencies. Reed can then be heard exclaiming in frustration, “Oh, my God!”

The I TEAM has shown you repeated delays with the Cleveland 9-1-1 system and a shortage of dispatchers.

In this case, a dispatcher called back the Councilman after he hung up and said help was on the way.

Still, Reed is now calling on other council members to take immediate action to fix the problem.

The mayor has said the city is in the process of hiring more dispatchers and putting more ambulances on the streets, too.

The I TEAM asked for the recording the day after the incident. The city initially said the calls were being reviewed. Days later, the city sent a copies of a series of other calls involving other people at the shooting scene and another scene nearby. A spokesman said it appeared the city didn’t have any record of the councilman’s call. After the I TEAM kept asking follow-up questions, City Hall forwarded the Reed recordings.

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