Two thieves caught on camera during robbery of Brook Park bar

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BROOK PARK – Katrina Meadows said it was difficult for her to watch security video which shows two people breaking into the bar she owns with her fiancé, Marc Estok.

“Sick to my stomach, I guess the perfect word is violated, I feel violated,” Meadows told Fox 8 Monday.

Meadows and Estok’s business, The Red, White, & Blue Bar & Grille was broken into early Saturday morning.

The thieves busted the kitchen door and once inside they stole about $30 worth of change from the cash register and the safe, which had more money inside.

The safe contained the money the pair made during the week, as well as a gun.

“The fact they stole the gun is what scares me the most,” Meadows said. “I try to be a responsible gun owner and now the gun is in the hands of a criminal.”

Estok said they bought the bar a year ago and this is the first time they have had any problems. He says he has insurance but it won’t cover the cash that was stolen.

“They got a good amount of cash and it really hurts us,” Estok said. “We plan to work extra hard to make it up. So I hope people will stop in and maybe get an extra burger. “

Police are investigating but no arrests have been made.