People are now snorting chocolate to get high

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It’s the latest trend to get “high,” and it has some doctors concerned.

Nick Anderson, 29, owns a company called Legal Lean that created “Coko Loko.” It’s a chocolate snorting powder.

Anderson told The Washington Post the buzz lasts around 30 minute to an hour. He said it makes users “euphoric, but also motivated to get things done.”

The chocolate powder contains many chemicals you’ll find in energy drinks.

Dr. Andrew Lane, director of the Johns Hopkins Sinus Center said the product is not regulated by the FDA.

“There are a few obvious concerns. It’s not clear how much of each ingredient will be absorbed into the nasal mucus membranes,” he told The Washington Post.

He recommend people eat chocolate instead of snorting it.

Coko Loko sells online for $24.99.

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