North Royalton, Bedford police warn of distraction burglaries, construction scams

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Suspicious vehicle reported in Strongsville. (Photo: North Royalton police)

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio– Area police departments are warning residents about potential scammers coming to their door.

Strongsville police said there were reports of a suspicious truck with two men inside in the area of Boston Road. The white pickup, with Georgia license plates, pulled into a driveway and one man asked if the homeowner if he wanted an estimate on paving his driveway.

According to North Royalton police, this type of action is usually a scam. The suspects are trying to collect money up front and will not do any work, or it’s a distraction burglary.

A similar incident, involving a white truck, happened in Bedford.

“The males asked if he wanted an estimate on a new driveway. That’s also a clue if you’re following along at home. The way these roving scammers do their dastardly deeds is to first give an estimate. The estimate is usually much lower than the actual job should be. The victim is usually so excited by saving so much money they see no problem with paying for half the job in advance,” Bedford police post on Facebook.

If you see a suspicious car, please report it to your city’s police department using the non-emergency number.