DroneFOX shows storm damage in Lorain when large tree crushes woman’s car and truck

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LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio--  A family in Lorain County is thankful to be alive today after a massive tree came tumbling down.

Joan New, who lives on Crehore Street in Lorain County, woke up to a loud bang around 7:30 Friday morning. She looked outside and saw her massive tree right down her driveway.

Both her car and truck are destroyed under the tree and there is damage to her garage and home, however no one inside was injured.

"I was sleeping and and all of sudden heard a loud noise sounding like a train," New said. "There was a lot of rain, I came outside and saw what had happened."

Joan says she's stressed but is just so thankful no one was hurt. She says they wanted to remove this tree anyways, but mother nature did it for them.

It wasn't just Lorain County hit. A tree in Broadview Heights also went down.

The homeowner was getting ready for work and fortunately was not injured.

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