Gunshots send families running during Solon’s fireworks show

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SOLON, Ohio -- The City of Solon's annual fireworks show was marred by multiple gunshots on the 4th of July.

Police say they initially got a call for shots fired but they were unable to confirm the reports that night.

"We really didn't know initially if there was shots fired or someone trying to start a hoax, which is not uncommon," said Lt. Bruce Felton, with the Solon Police Department.

However, police say different videos posted on Facebook corroborated witness stories.

"It's a lot of people, extremely dark, obviously very loud. But there's one video in particular where you can pretty clearly hear the shots and it was different from the other sounds," said Felton.

Solon police were able to determine shots were actually fired when officers returned to the area near the log cabin at Solon Community Park with metal detectors.

They discovered two rounds in the ground and two shell casings.

Investigators continue to examine surveillance videos; however, they are asking anyone who witnessed anything unusual to come forward.‚Äč